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Project Details

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Projects Tracking System

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Project Summary

Project managers experience difficulty in following on different assignments to their team members. This proposal presents a simple yet effective and virtually maintenance-free software-based solution to this problem.

Project Description

This document describes a proposal of a Projects Tracking System, referred herein to as the application.

Itís undoubtedly been an increasingly challenging task to manage the progress of Data Intelligence projects as well as to monitor the progress of the people working on them. Many times, managers have to revisit previously assigned projects and it is undeniably a daunting task to find out what work has been performed on a specific project and where the files and programs that relate to that project were stored. There are also instances when analysts find it difficult to reuse the existing programs because of a lack of documentation of previous applications of the programs. Also, they spend their time looking for the most updated and correct programs to use, which could have been done more efficiently if they had a software tool to search for previous projects.

In order to address the issues above, a web-based application has been designed and developed for the purpose of project tracking. The proposed application includes an easy-to-use software program with which managers can monitor the progress of each project assigned to the analysts, as well as the progress of each analysts on the tasks identified. It also provides the managers with an immediate access to organized information, such as status report and location of files and reports, etc. Also, it will assist the managers in evaluating the analysts during the yearly performance review by means of providing a quick synopsis of all completed projects by given analyst. Moreover, the proposed application provides the analysts with means to list the tasks associated with the project so that the managers can monitor what tasks are involved in a specific project. Also, the application will allow an analyst to re-use programs previously used in similar projects by providing an organized, ďat-a-glanceĒ information of the details of the project and the locations of the files, reports, and programs.

In summary, the project tracking system gives managers and analysts visibility of the projects.

Project's Costs

The costs associated with the proposed project is very minimal. The web-based application utilizes PHP, MySQL and Apache which donít require software license fees. In addition, once properly installed, the application is virtually maintenance-free. A prototype of the application has already been developed using resources publicly available on the Internet. If this proposal is accepted, the application will be implemented within companyís corporate intranet. The cost of this implementation should be minimal. They will comprise of costs of storage of less than 1 megabyte of text data and programs, and less than 300 hours of workload for installation and testing.

Cost Savings

Every hour that a manager spends on tedious searching for an information that can be provided instantaneously by the proposed application costs the company in excess of $50 plus fringe benefits and overhead. Assuming that a manager spends only 1 hour a week for the above mentioned activity, the total costs of these searches amount to $2,600 ($50*52), not including fringe benefits and overhead, per each manager. And this, $2,600 per manager, is the per annum cost savings effect of the proposed project for the management side. Also, the project will increase productivity of the analysts which cost savings, however important, maybe difficult to estimate upfront.

This application will cut costs for the company since it provides measurable costs benefits and it increases productivity.