Why should you track and report on your campaigns, and how would you do it?

When you are paying for your marketing campaigns, you want to know how well they are working: how many customers they're bringing in, how much money those customers are spending. You want to track those campaigns and see how you can maximize the return on your marketing investment. You want to track those campaigns also because you want to minimize the costs of your marketing efforts. But, how do you do that when you could have massive and disparate data, limited human resources and capital, outdated technology and systems that are not integrated? You cannot wait until you have the right people, technology and systems are in place as your competitors will soon beat you. But, if you have the data, you could do something. We can help. We help you develop a methodology for reporting and tracking your campaigns, and analyze the results. We also help you figure out the optimal marketing mix to deliver year over year profits.

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